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All terms and conditions and goods and services the company E Trading Europe Kft these terms based. Divergent and / or additional agreements require the explicit consent of the E Trading Europe Kft and the written form, which also applies for the written form.

The E Trading Europe Kft will be agreed or, if possible, given time to comply with delivery times. If these by more than four weeks, so the customer has the right to cancell by written statement from the contract. If the buyer in the event of default or inability of damages for
non-performance, so this is limited to mild negligence on more than 5% of the purchase price and includes only the replacement of direct damage, especially not a substitute for loss of profits or other indirect damage. Further claims of the buyer – especially on delivery
– are excluded. All offers are subject to change and apply as long as stocks last. Errors and omissions excepted.

The risk passes to the customer as soon as the goods transport operators have been handed over and the camp has left. This applies even if the E Trading Europe Kft transport costs. Complaints due to transport damage, the customer directly to the transport company within the specified time limits claims. For shipments of customers to the E Trading Europe Kft, the customer is any risk, in particular the transport risk until the arrival
of the goods at the E Trading Europe Kft in Budapest or Táborfalva or Dunaharaszti, Hungary.

E Trading Europe Kft’s accounts are immediately due and payable without any deductions. From 15 Days after the invoice date E Trading Europe Kft is entitled to claim interest at the statutory rate above the base lending rate, unless that E Trading Europe Kft higher default interest or the buyer a lower burden of proof E Trading Europe Kft, without obligation to prior warning requirement. Cheques are only payment. Any expenses are borne by the customer. Offsetting is only with undisputed or legally established court allowed claims. A lien, the customer can only claim so far as to the same contractual relationship.

Complaints for delivery quantity, material defects, wrong deliveries and volume differences, as far as reasonable by these investigations identified no later than within two day after receipt of the goods claims. In case of legitimate complaints, the shortfall with some E Trading Europe Kft and indeed subject to the exclusion of their choice for the goods exchanged, they retract or the buyer a discount admit. If in the case of exchange of
goods in the second replacement scarce, it is the buyer the right to change or reduction. The warranty for deficiencies in equipment to repair. Software is excluded from the exchange! From the E Trading Europe Kft delivered goods will require prior written approval by the E Trading Europe Kft withdrawn. The goods must be in good condition and original and complete (complete, undamaged original packaging, accessories, user manual, complete packaging material, etc.). Redeemed product is less 15% (at least 20, – euros) for processing and storage handling costs account. Promos, special orders and custom are generally of the possibility of return.

The purchase remains subject to compensate for the E Trading Europe Kft under the contract claims owned by the E Trading Europe Kft. The property also remains subject to exist for all claims that the E Trading Europe Kft and the purchaser in connection with the purchase item, for example due to repairs and other services subsequently acquires. During the period of ownership, the buyer for possession and use of the purchase contract
subject matter as long as his obligations under the ownership of title and its obligations underthe business relationship deadlines are met.

7. As a member, you will get a Costumer ID. This Costumer ID grants you access to our Online-Order-Portal, where you can place your orders. You have to keep your logins. carefully. The user are liable for unauthorized access.

The ineffectiveness of individual points of general business conditions affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In place of the ineffective provision shall be replaced by a new provision in their economic impact of the invalid provision comes as close as possible. Place of performance and jurisdiction for contracts, including these terms and conditions were closed, Budapest, Hungary – Pest megye.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”100px”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][/vc_row]