Evelatus Tempered Glass for Sony Xperia XA


Screen protector made by ultra-hardened glass (9H, 0.3mm thin)

SKU: 07558

Evelatus Premium quality Tempered Glass. Created to protect Your smartphone screen – shatter and scratch proof. Only high-quality Japan hardened glass was used to create this product.

Shockproof – Tempered glass screen savers are made of alloy of several glasses. After lengthy research and improvement programs, they became stronger, harder and more durable.

Nano – coating treatment. After the nano-coating treatment, almost no fingerprints and crystallization points remain on the surface. The surface is a lot smoother.

High transparency degree – Perfectly adjusted to a display, high degree of transparency represents the screen colours for 100%.

Oleophobic (oil repellent) coating – The coating repulses perfectly oily fingerprints from a glass surface, which makes the display cleaning process easy and fast.

Scratch and abrasion resistance – Passing through the high and low temperature fluctuations hardening and reaching density up to 9H, withstands friction and sharp objescts’ scratches effectively.