Evelatus EDC02 Micro USB Data Cable schwarz


Double-sided USB plug. 120 cm cable.

SKU: 07565

Evelatus data cable can be used both to transmit data from one device to another and to charge devices. Reliable and safe in daily usage, thanks to the high quality materials used in the production process. Evelatus is modern and recognizable brand in Baltics, that represents It’s own brand premium quality accessories. All products meet EU CE sertification standarts. Product line consists of: selfie stick, tempered glasses, screen guards, travel chargers, power banks, earphones and other brand products that are packed in modern and eye-catching design in juicy colors. To use the cable for data transfer or synchronization, connect the USB cable to the computer’s USB port, while the other end of the cable to the USB port of the phone. After data transfer or synchronization, disconnect the cable from your mobile device and PC.


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