10 x Prio 3D Tempered Glass iPhone 11 Pro Max/XS Max black


Compatible with Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max/XS Max

SKU: 13037

Best quality Japanese 3D-tempered glass with perfectly rounded edges for an optimal Full- Screen protection on your phone

Product features
– ultra-hard tempred glass (9H Hardness) with 4 hours tempered time.
– only 0,33mm thin glass, guarantees perfect touch sensitivity on the screen. 
– Shock & Scratch-resistent, shatterproof
– 3D Full-Screen protection, black frame design.
– 100% phone case compatible.
– perfectly transparent & color fast. 
– Japanese glue with excellent screen adhesion.
– including Anti Fingerprint coating.

10x 3D screen protection glass Full Screen, black, compatible with the new iPhone 11 Pro (2019) and the iPhone XS Max (2018)

1x customized prio accessories: Microfiber cloth (8x8xm, 200gsm material), cleaning cloth, dust remover sticker