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Finding a smartphone wholesaler can be quite a challenge. Maybe you don’t know what kind of attributes you are looking for; maybe you have too many ideas (especially if you are new in the field). Or you might be an experienced market trader simply looking for new trading avenues. This short guide is here to help you navigate the universe of wholesale smartphones.

1. First, look around your area

As mentioned in our previous article, you can start googling and searching on international sites. Nevertheless, it is always worth checking around in your own country too.

Put English aside for a bit and try doing research in your own language.

You might not have to cross international borders to get to a good smartphone wholesaler.

2. Explore, analyze, compare

Don’t make compromises just for the sake of short distances: the international market always has many more options compared to local “trade routes.”

And make sure not to settle with the first seller that seems OK to you.

You might think that everything is awesome until you get the opportunity to compare them with someone else and realize that there are much better options.

3. What does a good smartphone

    wholesaler “look” like?

A homepage says a lot about any company, and a smartphone wholesaler is no exception. Is the page good-looking, and does it contain easy-to-access, valuable information, like a product list or details about the company? Is it difficult to contact them? It is also important not to get too distracted by appearances.

Look behind the curtains; for example, independently verify company data if you can.

If a smartphone wholesaler has already made a name for itself on the market, or they are a registered member of a professional association or organization – that also generates trust on the buyer’s side.

4. Don’t neglect offline methods

You can also rely on more traditional avenues, such as computer expos and trade fairs, where you can find exhibitor companies from all around the world.

A good place to start is Germany, where you can visit CeBIT and IFA.

These events are organized once per year so make sure you plan ahead.

5. Trustworthiness and reliability

Many suppliers deal in used devices. A good smartphone wholesaler always provides real information about its phones no matter if they are new or used. They are factual and honest about their phones’ conditions. Look at the types of images they display:

Is it a photo of the actual phone or only a generic image?

6. Tested and legit devices

A smartphone wholesaler should test each smartphone he sends out to his buyers. This means that a reliable smartphone wholesaler checks if the touchscreens work, that the batteries are in proper condition and the phone doesn`t have software issues.

It’s especially important to make sure that a phone wasn’t stolen

because iPhone users can block their phone’s mainboard, rendering the device unusable.

7. RMA

Regardless of how unused or well-refurbished the phones might look, a warranty of minimum 20 days should be provided with each piece. Make sure to find out how flexible your prospective smartphone wholesaler is when it comes to Return Merchandise Authorization.

Do they give a refund or a replacement, or will they repair the product during its warranty period?

It is especially appealing if a smartphone wholesaler offers to cover shipping costs if you need to send back a phone for some reason.

8. Ask questions

Do not hesitate to open up a dialog with a smartphone wholesaler.

A good seller will encourage communication in order to get your business and will respond at short notice to any questions you have.

Maybe they even have a chat app where you can ask them, for instance, what A+, A, B, and C grades mean within their system. Check whether they have an open description of their rating system and how they test/refurbish their devices before selling them.

9. Signs of a non-reliable smartphone wholesaler

You should be suspicious if something is too good to be true.

If the prices are too low, chances are something is not right about the seller.

There are stories in Eastern Europe in which the unwary buyer orders bundles of smartphones at discount prices because he does not want to miss a great deal. But when he opens the box he only finds bricks, sawdust or pieces of wood, and he can’t find the seller anymore. Bad communication, shady offers and terms, and lousy web pages are all markers of a slightly suspicious smartphone wholesaler.

Therefore, if a smartphone wholesaler wants to be successful, it is absolutely necessary that he is honest, reliable and flexible. A good wholesaler also knows that if his devices are thoroughly tested and in good condition, this means more profit in the long run, due to less RMA. And a final a word of advice – the best method is to go live: place a test order to your prospective smartphone wholesaler to see how everything goes in reality.

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