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Apple iPhones are not cheap compared to other high-end smartphones, especially brand new. Therefore, as mentioned in our previous article, wholesale cell phone distributors face a huge demand for used and refurbished devices. When it comes to purchasing large batches of used mobiles, there are many factors wholesale cell phone distributors should consider. These are divided in two groups: things visible to the bare eye and things to check after turning on the iPhones.


1. Does it feel like an iPhone?

Experienced wholesale cell phone distributors know how an iPhone “feels.” Examine the phone’s body: how does the frame look? Is it intact? Is it scratched or bent? Does it give the impression of a replacement part?

2.  No Dual Sim iPhones!

A real iPhone only supports one SIM card.

If there are multiple card slots in the device, it definitely isn’t an iPhone.

There are rumors about Apple coming out with Dual Sim phones but these haven’t been confirmed yet.

3.  Check the Screws

Apple uses only Pentalobe screws in their devices. Wholesale cell phone distributors must make sure that the screws located on both sides of the charging port have this diagram. Otherwise, the phone is likely to be a fake.

4.  The Physical Buttons

Verify where the physical buttons are placed on the device: the sleep/wake button should be in the top right corner and the volume button on the upper left. It is also important to press and feel the softness of these buttons, which should perform their tasks without any delay.

5.  Look for the Apple Logo

An original iPhone always has the official Apple logo on it, normally on the back. Most forgers try to replicate the logo but there are always visible differences if you look closer. Are its edges rough? Is the logo shiny enough? Wholesale cell phone distributors should have an eye for this.

6. Water Damage

Always make sure that the phone isn’t water or liquid damaged.

All iPhone models come with a Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI).

This turns RED as soon as the phone is exposed to any liquid. The LCI’s color is normally silver or white, and it will never turn red due to humidity and temperature changes that are within the product’s environmental requirements.


Even though on the outside everything might look new and shiny, the internals could have a whole different story to tell.

7.  Welcome Screen and Fonts

The original logo appears on the welcome screen of all iPhones. If you see something else, that phone surely is fake.

Another thing you can do is try changing the font of your messages:

If you suddenly see strange, cryptic characters, the device in your hands is not original.

8.  Quality of the Display

The original iPhone screen is crisp. If yours is pixelated or blurry there is a good chance that it wasn’t made by Apple. See if there are any dead pixels on the screen too. You can use this dead pixel tool.

9.  The Operating System and Siri

When the latest iPhone comes out, fake replicas are always sure to follow, and some of them can be quite difficult to identify even for wholesale cell phone distributors. The first thing you should check is the operating system.

If it doesn’t look like iOS, the phone is a fake.

Make sure Siri is available too.

10.  The IMEI Number

Every phone has a unique identification code called an IMEI number, visible on the back of the iPhone. Make sure to compare it with the one in the iOS. The number can be verified on the Apple official website too, where you can confirm that the phone is original.

11.  Activation Lock

The IMEI number also helps wholesale cell phone distributors to identify stolen or locked devices. Go to the Apple Activation Lock Tool and enter the serial number of the device so the program can tell you its status.

12.  WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS

One very important test to do on used iPhones is to check their WiFi connectivity, data transfer through Bluetooth and if the GPS is in working condition.

13.  Take a Picture and Make Videos

Taking pictures and making videos is one of the most important features of smartphones. So make sure to snap a few and record a video to see if the camera is working properly.

14. Headphone and Charging Ports

Connect the headphone and start listening to music to make sure the headphone jack works.

Similarly, plug the charger in and the phone should start charging immediately.

15. Battery Life

One of the biggest concerns of iPhone users is battery life. To check if the battery is in good condition, use all the power-consuming apps of the iPhone simultaneously: set the screen brightness to maximum, turn on WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth, and call someone for ten minutes or more. If the battery goes down very quickly or the device is getting hot, maybe the battery is damaged.

These are some basic guidelines to make sure that you don’t get tricked when dealing with used iPhones. But wholesale cell phone distributors know that the most important principle is to keep up with new trends. So be sure to share this article to help your business partners stay current.

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